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A Letter From the Seneschal

Welcome to the Shire of Redewolfden!

         You've found us! And we're so glad you did! This Shire is a local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is a wonderful organization, based in education and dedicated to the customs of chivalry, honor and service. Membership is quite diverse, ranging through all ages, ethnic groups and other diversities. There is something for everyone, especially those interested in learning more about history and how to re-create its more entertaining and creative aspects. We spend our time making medieval crafts and clothing, practicing the combat arts and gathering together to discuss, learn and teach others about the Middle Ages.

         If you are a newcomer to the Society for Creative Anachronism or want more information about what we do locally, please visit our About the Shire/SCA page.

         If you are a member of the Shire or a friend to us, you may want to head over to the forums and talk about... well, everything! Everyone is welcome to register and participate in our discussions! We also have pages dedicated to our Arts & Sciences and Combat.

         And please, ASK QUESTIONS... we love to help! We also have resources to download that can help you in your journey into this Society that we love so well.

         We'd love to have you inquire and try a meeting out for yourself. Feel free to drop by one of our fighter practices, arts and science circles or business meetings to begin your journey into this fulfilling hobby. We meet every Sunday in the Murray Park and the Calloway County Library Annex and also host various demonstrations throughout the year at local venues... be sure to check our Calendar. We look forward with great anticipation to meeting you!

In Service to Shire, Kingdom and the Dream,
         Lady Eua inghean Ui Bhriain, Former Seneschal
         The Shire of Redewolfden

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That being said, here's something that's critical to your participation on this forum:

After registering, click this link and make sure your "Name" is what you are most commonly known by.
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SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11th MEETINGS.  2 PM Fighter Practice, 4:30 PM A&S/Business.  Carr Health Building.  Go in the front door from the quad.  Turn right and go to the end of the hall, Room 109.  Fighter Practice will be in the North Gym.  Go in the front door.  Take the stairs down (right across from the front door).  Turn left and you will be in North Gym. Paul Pitt, you will need to check in at the gym manager's window which is right there past the gym doors.  :)  It is important that all who can, do attend.
Greetings all!  I hope your week has started off well!  I wanted to let you all know that meetings this week will be a little weird.  Tourney of the Foxes is this coming weekend (Aug 26-28) and we have a few folks going.  Tell everyone we who are left behind said hello!  Then, on August 28, I hope enough folks get back (and are staying behind) to make up a crew to meet at Purcell's (fencing studio where we have been meeting) to help him pack up and get his stuff out.  His lease is coming up and he needs some help.  Considering he has been so gracious as to let his space to us for free and with nothing in return, I feel as if it is the least we can do.  He offered recompense for this endeavour, but I feel as if that would truly be bad form to accept.  A big volunteer force to help him pack up and get out is the least we can offer for his kindnesses.  We will have a brief meeting when the work is complete to hand out details on the new meeting space.

In this vein, you will be pleased to know that today, we secured a new meeting place.  It is spacious and quite nice, room for indoor and outdoor fighting as well as classes and meetings.  I will be making the post soon on the specifics.  The first meeting in the new space will be on Sunday September 11 starting at 2 PM.  We have the space from 2 PM to 7 PM every Sunday after that.  Details forthcoming.

We will NOT have meetings on Sunday, September 4th.  I will be away and it is a holiday weekend.  However, Paul will announce separately if there will be fighter practice that Sunday.

We have many plans to discuss and things to get underway.  It is important that you make the meeting at the new meeting place on September 11, especially if you are an officer or deputy.  This is also an optimum meeting at which to relinquish or take a new office.  There will be much to discuss, decide and plan.  Please attend if at all possible.

Thanks!  Look forward to seeing you this weekend at Purcells to lend a hand!

Yours In Service to Shire, Kingdom and the Dream,
Lady Eua inghean Ui Bhriain, Seneschal
Shire of Redewolfden, Kingdom of Meridies
Meetings this week are on Sunday the 21st starting with Fighter Practice at 2 PM at my house in Paris. If you have not been here before message me for directions. This is not a potluck so eat lunch before you come! ;)
Place:  Atkins Porter Gymnasium
Address:  301 S Highland St.  Paris, TN
Date: 08/14/2011
Time: 12:00 - 6:00 pm

It's our turn! Time again for the Regional Fighter Practice! We have acquired an indoor gym style space in Paris because of the heat... mark your calendars now! :) Indoor practice! YAY!

This is an indoor spot.  Mind your shoes, if you have no tread you will probably have to wear shoes, or risk falling down.  There will be heavy and rapier fighting, dancing, A&S, food (potluck style), and of course hospitality.

We will do a grazing style potluck, so if you have something you want to share, bring it on! There will be tons of room, so we can do anything you like, including dancing, if someone has some steps they'd like to show us!

Directions below! :)

~Lady Eua/Misty


GPS ADDRESS: 301 S Highland Street Paris TN

(this address is actually across the street, directly, from the gym. It does not have an accessible street address via GPS)


Take I-40 West to Exit 126 for US-641/TN-69 toward Camden/Paris/Parsons
Turn right off of the exit onto TN-69 N/US-641 N
Go Approximately 35 miles to Paris
Turn left when road ends onto Memorial Drive
Turn right at second light onto Mineral Wells Ave.
Turn Right at second light onto Tyson Ave
Turn left when road ends onto E Wood St.
Turn left onto S Highland Street
Atkins Porter Gym is on the right about a block from the turn.


Take US 79 S/ Dover Rd. into Paris TN (approx. 59 miles)
(Road will change to E Wood St)
Turn left onto S Highland Street
Atkins Porter Gym is on the right about a block from the turn.

Take KY 80 to Russellville KY
Turn left onto E 9th Street (turns into US 79 S)
Follow to Clarksville TN (approximately 34 miles)
Turn right onto Kraft St.
Turn right onto N 2nd
Continue onto Providence Blvd.
Continue back onto US 79 S/Dover Rd.
Take US 79 S/ Dover Rd. into Paris TN (approx. 59 miles)
(Road will change to E Wood St)
Turn left onto S Highland Street
Atkins Porter Gym is on the right about a block from the turn.

Come one, come all.

Edit/Note: This is already posted on the Calendar, but I wanted to ensure it was posted in the News forum as well so it would make the front page. --Michael
Wolves.  There will not be a meeting held in Murray this week as we are attending the Regional Fighter Practice in Clarksville TN.  Details are here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=234317243250625

For those attending, please remember to take some drinks and/or snackies/sides to share! :)  We will bring a sun shade and table. Don't forget your camp chairs! :)  Also, if you have portable A&S, please do bring it! See you there!

~Lady Eua
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